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Our Yearly Calendar Info.

Our complete yearly calendars are listed here for your convenience. Keep in mind that once a year is entered into you can navigate to other year calendars simply by clicking on the desired date. The below is listed simply to provide a convenient single resource for maneuvering among the calendars.

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However if you would like a perpetual monthly/yearly calendar for dates through the year 2030:

March 2015
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri Sat

Our countdowns for the following years (wherever minus occurs this counts the days passed) that includes the main seasons, Christmas and New Years:

year 2007 countdown for 2007 respectively.
year 2008 countdown for 2008 respectively.
year 2009 countdown for 2009 respectively.
year 2010 countdown for 2010 respectively.
year 2011 countdown for 2011 respectively.
year 2012 countdown for 2012 respectively.
year 2013 countdown for 2013 respectively.
year 2014 countdown for 2014 respectively.
year 2015 countdown for 2015 respectively.
year 2016 countdown for 2016 respectively.

Our holiday calendars with dates and weekdays for the years:
06, 07, 08, 09 10 11

monthly calendar - for information on monthly calendars and related.
compare by monthly/yearly dates
- here you can enter your own two separate, month-year dates on
calendars to find out what days the week the separate dates fall on.
date calculator - enter start and end dates through the year 2030 to find the span of dates in-between.

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