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2007 Holidays Countdown

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Below is a countdown of all major holidays for the calendar year 2007. You can get more detailed information about each holiday by clicking on them.

Date Holiday Details # Day's
- January 2007 -
Jan 1New Year's Day 2007National holiday-3886
Jan 6Epiphany 2007Christian-3881
Jan 7Orthodox Christmas Day 2007Orthodox Christian-3880
Jan 14Orthodox New Year 2007Orthodox Christian-3873
Jan 14Makar Sankranti 2007Hindu-3873
Jan 15Martin Luther King Day 2007National holiday-3872
Jan 29Ashura 2007Muslim-3858
- February 2007 -
Feb 1National Freedom Day 2007Observance-3855
Feb 2National Wear Red Day 2007Observance-3854
Feb 2Groundhog Day 2007Observance-3854
Feb 3Tu B'Shevat 2007Jewish-3550
Feb 12Lincoln's Birthday 2007Observance-3844
Feb 14Valentine's Day 2007Observance-3842
Feb 16Maha Shivaratri 2007Hindu-3537
Feb 18Chinese New Year 2007Observance-3838
Jan 19Muharram 2007Muslim-3868
Feb 19Presidents' Day - Washington's Birthday 2007National holiday-3837
Feb 20Mardi Gras 2007Christian-3836
Feb 21Lent 2007Christian-3532
Feb 21Ash Wednesday 2007Christian-3835
- March 2007 -
Mar 2Read Across America Day 2007Observance-3826
Mar 2Employee Appreciation Day 2007Observance-3826
Mar 3Purim 2007Jewish-3825
Mar 4Holi 2007Hindu-3824
Mar 11Daylight Saving Time - begins 2007Daylight Saving Time-3817
Mar 17St. Patrick's Day 2007Observance-3811
Mar 21Spring/Fall - March equinox 2007Season-3807
Mar 27Rama Navami 2007Hindu-3801
- April 2007 -
Apr 1April Fools' Day 2007Observance-3796
Apr 1Palm Sunday 2007Christian-3796
Apr 3Passover - Starts 2007Jewish-3794
Apr 5Maundy Thursday 2007Christian-3792
Apr 6Orthodox Good Friday 2007Orthodox Christian-3791
Apr 6Good Friday 2007Christian-3791
Apr 8Easter 2007Christian-3789
Apr 8Orthodox Easter 2007Orthodox Christian-3789
Apr 9Easter Monday 2007Christian-3788
Apr 10Passover - Final Day 2007Jewish-3787
Apr 10National Library Workers Day 2007Observance-3787
Arp 13Thomas Jefferson Birthday 2007Observance-3784
Apr 15Yom Hashoah 2007Jewish-3782
Apr 15Tax Day 2007Observance-3782
Apr 22Earth Day 2007Observance-3775
Apr 25Administrative Professionals Day 2007Observance-3772
Apr 26Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2007Observance-3771
Apr 27Arbor Day 2007Observance-3770
- May 2007 -
May 1May Day 2007Observance-3766
May 5Cinco de Mayo 2007Observance-3762
May 3National Day of Prayer 2007Observance-3764
May 6National Nurses Day 2007Observance-3761
May 6Lag BaOmer 2007Jewish-3761
May 12Whit Monday 2007Christian-3389
May 13Mothers' Day 2007Observance-3754
May 15Peace Officers Memorial Day 2007Observance-3752
May 17Ascension Day 2007Christian-3750
May 22National Maritime Day 2007Observance-3745
May 23Shavuot 2007Jewish-3744
May 27Pentecost 2007Christian-3740
May 28Memorial Day 2007National holiday-3739
- June 2007 -
Jun 6D-Day 2007Observance-3730
Jun 7Corpus Christi 2007Christian-3729
Jun 14Flag Day 2007Observance-3722
Jun 17Fathers' Day 2007Observance-3719
Jun 21Summer/Winter Solstice 2007Season-3715
- July 2007 -
Jul 44th of July - Independence Day 2007National holiday-3702
Jul 16Rath Yatra 2007Hindu-3690
Jul 22Parents Day 2007Observance-3684
Jul 24Tisha B'Av 2007Jewish-3682
- August 2007 -
Aug 5Friendship Day 2007Observance-3670
Aug 11Isra and Mi'raj 2007Muslim-3664
Aug 15Assumption of Mary 2007Christian-3660
Aug 19National Aviation Day 2007Observance-3656
Aug 21Senior Citizens Day 2007Observance-3654
Aug 26Women's Equality Day 2007Observance-3649
Aug 27Laylat al Bara'at 2007Muslim-3648
Aug 28Raksha Bandhan 2007Hindu-3647
- September 2007 -
Sep 3Labor Day 2007National holiday-3641
Sept 4Krishna Janmashtami 2007Hindu-3640
Sep 9National Grandparents Day 2007Observance-3635
Sep 11Patriot Day 2007Observance-3633
Sept 13Rosh Hashana 2007Jewish-3631
Sept 15Ganesh Chaturthi 2007Hindu-3629
Sep 17Constitution Citizenship Day 2007Observance-3627
Sept 23Fall/ Spring - September equinox 2007Season-3621
Sept 22Yom Kippur 2007Jewish-3622
Sept 27Sukkot 2007Jewish-3617
- October 2007 -
Oct 1Child Health Day 2007Observance-3613
Oct 4Shemini Atzeret 2007Jewish-3610
Oct 5Simchat Torah 2007Jewish-3609
Oct 8Columbus Day 2007National holiday-3606
Oct 8Laylat al Qadr 2007Muslim-3606
Oct 9Leif Erikson 2007Observance-3605
Oct 11Navratri 2007Hindu-3603
Oct 13Eid al-Fitr 2007Muslim-3601
Oct 16Boss's Day 2007Observance-3598
Oct 31Halloween 2007Observance-3583
Oct 19Dussehra 2007Hindu-3595
- November 2007 -
Nov 1All Saints' Day 2007Christian-3582
Nov 2All Souls Day 2007Christian-3581
Nov 4Daylight Saving Time - ends 2007Daylight Saving Time-3579
Nov 9Diwali 2007Hindu -3574
Nov 11Veterans Day 2007National holiday-3574
Nov 22Thanksgiving Day 2007National holiday-3561
Nov 23Black Friday 2007Observance-3560
Nov 26Cyber Monday 2007Observance-3557
- December 2007 -
Dec 2Advent 2007Christian-3551
Dec 6St Nicholas Day 2007Christian-3547
Dec 7Pearl Harbor Remebrance Day 2007Observance-3546
Dec 17Wright Brothers Day 2007Observance-3536
Dec 19Day of Arafat 2007Muslim-3534
Dec 20Eid al-Adha 2007Muslim-3533
Dec 22Winter/Summer Solstice 2007Season-3531
Dec 24Christmas Eve 2007Christian-3529
Dec 25Christmas Day 2007National holiday-3528
Dec 26Kwanzaa -thru Jan 1 2007Observance-3527
Dec 31New Years Eve 2007Observance-3522


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