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Muharram 2018

Muslim procession celebrating Muharram in Allahabad, India.Muslim procession celebrating Muharram in Allahabad, India.

Muharram for the year 2018 starts on Tuesday, September 11th and ends on Tuesday, October 9th. Because the Muslim calendar is a lunar calendar, the holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day on the evening of Monday, September 10th.

Tuesday, September 11th is the 253 day of the 2018 calendar year with -5 months, -8 days until the start of the celebration/ observance of Muharram 2018.

More information on Muharram. (Traditions, Customs and History)

Name(s):Muharram, Al-Hijra
Type:Observance, Muslim
When:First month of the Islamic calendar

September 2018 Holidays

Date Holiday Details Days to Go
Sept 2 - SunKrishna Janmashtami 2018Hindu-170
Sept 3 - Mon Labor Day 2018Federal Holiday-169
Sept 9 - SunNational Grandparents Day 2018Observance-163
Sept 10 - Mon Rosh Hashana 2018 Jewish-162
Sept 11 - TuesPatriot Day 2018Observance-161
Sept 12 - WedGanesh Chaturthi 2018Hindu-160
Sept 12 - WedMuharram 2018Muslim-160
Sept 17 - MonConstitution Citizenship Day 2018Observance-155
Sept 19 - Wed Yom Kippur 2018 Jewish-153
Sept 21 - FriAshura 2018Muslim-151
Sept 23 - Sun Fall/ Spring - September equinox 2018 Season-149
Sept 24 - MonSukkot 2018Jewish-148

Muharram by Year