Wednesday September 19, 2018

When is Autumn 2006?


Autumn for the year 2006 starts on September 22.

In Autumn the day light gets shorter and evenings become cooler. The plants drop their leaves and animals prepare for the cold winter ahead. In the Northern Hemisphere autumn comes in the September, October and November months and in the Southern Hemisphere it comes in the March, April and May months. Autumn comes about by the Earth decreasing its axis tilt relative to the sun decreasing the temperatures (less direct sunlight) and the shortening of the days.

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(Details on Northern and Southern Hemisphere for Autumn)

Name(s):Autumn, Fall, Autumn Equinox
When:September 21st thru 24th (N.Hemisphere), March 20th thru 23rd (S. Hemishpere)

How many days to Autumn 2006?

There are -11 years, -11 months, -27 days until the start of Autumn 2006.

Dates of Autumn by Year

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