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Constitution Citizenship Day 2019

Celebrating Constitution Citizenship Day in Milpitas Adult School in 2014.Celebrating Constitution Citizenship Day in Milpitas Adult School in 2014. Photo by: Jennifer gagliardi

Constitution Citizenship Day for the year 2019 is celebrated/ observed on Tuesday, September 17th.

Constitution Citizenship Day always falls on September 17th each year. The day celebrates the signing and adoption of the US Constitution and those who became US citizens through coming of age or naturalization.

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Constitution Citizenship Day
Name(s):Constitution Citizenship Day
When:September 17th annually

How many days to Constitution Citizenship Day 2019?

Tuesday, September 17th is the 259 day of the 2019 calendar year with 10 months, 27 days until the celebration/ observance of Constitution Citizenship Day 2019.

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