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Kwanzaa 2017

Sargent in US Air Base Wing lights candle in the Kinara.Sargent in US Air Base Wing lights candle in the Kinara. Photo by: Christopher Myers

Kwanzaa for the year 2017 is celebrated/ observed on Tuesday, December 26th.

Kwanzaa is observed annually on December 26th through January 2st each year. The day celebrates African culture and traditions.

More information on Kwanzaa. (Dates, Customs and History for Kwanzaa)

When:December 26th thru January 2nd annually

How many days to Kwanzaa 2017?

Tuesday, December 26th is the 359 day of the 2017 calendar year with -9 months, -26 days until the celebration/ observance of Kwanzaa 2017.

December 2017 Holidays

Date Holiday Details Days to Go
Dec 1 - Fri The Prophet's Birthday 2017 Muslim-324
Dec 3 - SunAdvent 2017Christian-322
Dec 6 - WedSt Nicholas Day 2017Christian-319
Dec 7 - ThursPearl Harbor Remebrance Day 2017Observance-318
Dec 13 - Wed Hanukkah/Chanukah - Starts 2017 Jewish-312
Dec 17 - SunWright Brothers Day 2017Observance-308
Dec 20 - Wed Hanukkah/Chanukah - Final Day 2017 Jewish-305
Dec 21 - Thurs Winter/Summer Solstice 2017 Season-304
Dec 24 - SunChristmas Eve 2017Christian-301
Dec 25 - Mon Christmas Day 2017Federal Holiday-300
Dec 26 - Tues Kwanzaa -thru Jan 1 2017 Observance-299
Dec 31 - SunNew Years Eve 2017Observance-294

Kwanzaa by Year

Federal Holidays 2017