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Purim 2005

Jewish men dancing and celebrating Purim on the streets.Jewish men dancing and celebrating Purim on the streets. Photo by: Boaz Guttman

Purim for the year 2005 is celebrated/ observed on sundown of March 23 ending at sundown on March 24.

Purim is celebrated on the 14th day in the month of Adar according to the Hebrew calendar. Under the Gregorian calendar the day falls in February or March. The day commemorates back in the 4th century BC, when Jewish people were saved from a death decree according to the book of Esther.

More information on Purim. (Dates, Customs and History for Purim)

Type:Observance, Jewish
When:14th day of Adar in Hebrew Calendar

How many days to Purim 2005?

There are -13 years, -6 months, -1 day until the celebration/ observance of Purim 2005.

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