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Lag BaOmer 2006

Celebration of Lag BaOmer with bonfire at night.
May 2006
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Mothers Day
Sunday May 14
-18 years -7 days
or -6582 days


Lag BaOmer
Tuesday May 16
-18 years -5 days
or -6580 days


Ascension Day
Thursday May 25
-17 years, -11 months, -27 days
or -6571 days


Memorial Day
Monday May 29


Lag BaOmer for the year 2006 is celebrated/ observed on sundown of Monday, May 15th ending at sundown on Tuesday, May 16th.

Lag BaOmer in the Hebrew calendar falls on the 18th of Iyar. The day celebrates the death and life of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai who was a Mishnaic sage back in the 2nd century.

Why do Jewish holidays start at nighttime?

According to the Torah, the story of creation in Genesis says “And it was evening, and it was morning day one”, “And it was evening, and it was morning; the second day”, thus night comes before day. So for the Jewish calendar all days begin at nightfall and end the next day at nightfall including holidays.

Days to Lag Baomer 2006

Tuesday, May 16th is day number 136 of the 2006 calendar year with -18 years, -5 days until Lag BaOmer 2006.

Lag BaOmer
Name(s):Lag BaOmer, Lag B'Omer
Type:Observance, Jewish
When:18th day of Iyar in Hebrew Calendar

Dates for Lag BaOmer

HolidayDateDays to Go
Lag BaOmer 2023 Tuesday, May 09, 2023 -378
Lag BaOmer 2024 Sunday, May 26, 2024 5
Lag BaOmer 2025 Friday, May 16, 2025 360
Lag BaOmer 2026 Tuesday, May 05, 2026 714
Lag BaOmer 2027 Tuesday, May 25, 2027 1099
Lag BaOmer 2028 Saturday, May 13, 2028 1453