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Portugal Day

Portugal Day in Portugal is always celebrated on June 10th each year and commemorates the death of Luis de Camoes back on June 10th, 1580.

Celebration\ Observance

The author of Portugal's national epic Lusiads is Luis de Camoes and the day is a national holiday celebrating their history.


Camoes wrote the Lusaids focused on the sixteenth century when Portugal expanded its influence around the world. Because we do not know the birth date of Luis de Camoes they used his death date as the day for the holiday with was June 10, 1580.

Yearly Calendars

Provides calendars for the calendar year for Portugal.

Holiday Dates for the Year

Provides the dates for holidays for the calendar year for Portugal.

Holiday Countdown for the Year

For a count of the number of days for upcoming and past holiday dates for the calendar year for Portugal.


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