Sun May 28, 2017

Thailand Flag 2019 Holidays Countdown - Thailand

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Below is a countdown of national holidays for Thailand for the calendar year 2019. You can get more detailed information on each holiday by clicking on them.

Date Holiday Details # Day's
Tues - Jan 1stNew Years Day National holiday583
Makha Bucha National holiday583
Sat - Apr 5Chakri Day National holiday677
Sat - Apr 13Songkran National holiday685
Wed - May 1Labor Day National holiday703
2019 -Sun - May 5Coronation Day National holiday707
Visakha Bucha National holiday583
Asalha Bucha National holiday583
Buddhist Lent Day National holiday583
Mon - Aug 12The Queens Birthday National holiday806
Mon - Aug 12Mothers Day National holiday806
Wed - Oct 23Chulalongkorn Day National holiday878
Thurs - Dec 5Fathers Day National holiday921
Thurs - Dec 5The Kings Birthday National holiday921
Tues - Dec 10Constitution Day National holiday926
Tues - Dec 31New Years Eve National holiday947