Tuesday May 21, 2024


Colorful Easter eggs in grass

The next upcoming Easter is on Sunday April 20th, 2025.

Celebration\ Observance

Numerous churches hold Easter services celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from his crucifixion. The Easter lily is a symbol of the resurrection. Easter eggs are made using hard boiled eggs dipped in colored dye on the outside. Easter candy is hidden in plastic eggs. Both are used in Easter egg hunts organized by churches, local businesses or families. An Easter basket is used to collect the eggs. The Easter bunny is also a symbol of the holiday.


The foundation of the Christian faith from the New Testament is the resurrection of Jesus from his crucifixion 3 days earlier which is observed as Good Friday. This establishes Jesus as the Son of God. Those who believe in Jesus' death and resurrection are calendar "a new birth" and receive eternal salvation. Jewish Christians were the first to observe Easter.

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