Wed April 26, 2017

Easter Monday 2017, 2018

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Brightly colored Easter eggs

This year Easter Monday is celebrated/observed on Monday April 17th, 2017. Easter Monday falls on the day after Easter Sunday each year. Many countries celebrate this day as a public holiday with government and business offices closed.

Celebration\ Observance

Many countries will celebrate the day with egg rolls and dousing water (holy water that was blessed on Easter Sunday) on one another. Most countries take the day off as a day for rest and time to spend with family and friends. Many depending on their latitude to the earths equator can enjoy the early spring weather with its warner days.


Historically this day was considered bad luck and called Black Monday possibly because it marked the end of the Easter break for school children.

Days till Easter Monday 2017

There are -9 days until the celebration/observance of Easter Monday Monday April 17th, 2017.