Monday April 23, 2018

Philippines Flag Chinese New Year - Philippines

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Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year in the Philippines can last up to 15 days depending on the year. The holiday is not based on the Gregorian calendar.

Celebration\ Observance

People, particularly Chinese Filipinos will celebrate by attending parades and dragon dances in various communities that have a large Chinese presence. People hope to attract prosperity and good fortune in the New Year. Many will spend time with family and friends. Chinese New Year is not an official national holiday, so government and businesses will be open.


The influence of Chinese immigrants over hundreds of years and their intermarriage into other ethnic groups has made Chinese New Year a widely celebrated observance in the Philippines.

Yearly Calendars

Provides calendars for the calendar year for Philippines.

Holiday Dates for the Year

Provides the dates for holidays for the calendar year for Philippines.

Holiday Countdown for the Year

For a count of the number of days for upcoming and past holiday dates for the calendar year for Philippines.


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